Cherry Blossom Lip Balm

Cherry Blossom Lip Balm


A sweet and delicately perfumed lip balm for delicious, soft and colorful lips !

A sweet and colorful lip balm to bring a delicious iridescent layer of softness to your lips. Easy to apply with their angled applicator, their nourishing texture with high shea butter content is non-sticky, offering subtle shine and absolute comfort.

A little drop of vegetable oil surfaces the product, protecting this formula made of 95% of natural ingredients. Remove it upon first use then enjoy your lip balm !

Cherry Blossom

A thousand delicate flowers come together in this poetic orchard. Cherry trees are part of the beautiful scenery in Provence. Their flowers are only in bloom for a few days. These elegant pink blooms embody feminine gentleness and ephemeral beauty.

Enjoy irresistible attraction with this sweet, floral fragrance that evokes springtime freshness.

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0,4 fl.oz/15ml

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